Star Wars Jedi Survivor 10 Simplest Priorite Shard Areas

Star Wars Jedi Survivor 10 Simplest Priorite Shard Areas

In “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,” explore the 10 simplest priority shard areas to help you survive in the game. Upgrade your skills and gear as you navigate through the dangerous galaxy. Get the edge you need to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious. For those hoping to buy the Secretive Keycard from Doma, just 10 Priorite Shards are required and they can be found with negligible exertion.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Priorite Shards are one of the numerous monetary forms that can be spent on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They are gathered on both Coruscant and Koboh, then exchanged at Doma’s Station Products Drifters Arrive at Station. There are 100 altogether to find, however contingent upon what is of interest in the shop, gathering them everything is discretionary.

For players that gather each of the 100, they will actually want to buy everything at the Jedi: Surivor shop claimed by Doma, which is basically surface level choices for Cal Kestis. For the people who just have interest in the Secretive Keycard, which opens an entryway in Doma’s shop that compensates a Stim Redesign, simply 10 Priorite Shards should be found.

Coruscant: Roofs

Star Wars Jedi Survivor 10 Simplest Priorite Shard Areas Corucant Rooftops
The absolute first Priorite Shard in Jedi: Survivor will be the most straightforward one to find for what it’s worth there simply to present them. From the Roof’s intervention point, go to one side and bounce up to the stage where the climbing wall is.

Go as far as possible up and overcome the foes at the top, yet prior to progressing forward, go down the little slope to one side and follow it as far as possible around. It will prompt a little region with a block that should be gotten around and on the opposite side of that, there will be a seat and a little table. The absolute first Priorite Shard is perched on the table.

Coruscant: Redesigns Site 4733 (Close to Slope)

Star wars jedi Coruscant Renovations Site 4733 (Near Ramp)

Subsequent to meeting up with Bode Akuna and ziplining across the enormous hole, Cal will get Jedi’s: first experience with wall runs in which he will stumble into a wall on the right and afterward across a screen on the left. The region where Cal lands after both of these wall runs will have an enormous smooth slope in it.

Prior to ascending the wall on the right, players might have proactively seen something beaming on the left half of it. Head as far as possible back down the passed on side of the slope to just find the second accessible Priorite Shard.

Coruscant: Redesigns Site 4733 (Stage)

Star Wars Jedi Coruscant Renovations Site 4733 (Platform)

Subsequent to moving along the short line that will, sadly, drop Cal into a gathering of Stormtroopers feel free to complete them generally off. When every one of the foes are managed, utilizing one of Cal’s different Jedi: Survivor battle positions, there will be a bunch of steps behind where the Stormtroopers were battled.

Go up them and take a passed on to pursue a short way around the structure. This will likewise be requiring some post hopping to arrive at the far stage. When there, the Priorite Shard will be simply off to one side for Cal to snatch, prior to heading back the manner in which he came to go on through Coruscant.

Coruscant: Remodels Site 4733 (Under Steps)

Star wars Jedi Coruscant Renovations Site 4733 (Under Stairs)

This Priorite Shard is a simple one to miss, yet similarly as simple to get as it doesn’t need making a special effort by any means. Subsequent to arriving at the Jedi: Survivor Reflection Point for the Redesigns Site 4733, players will ultimately arrive at an area with steps and an enormous bolt driving them down them.

Once at the base, prior to progressing forward, feel free to look under the steps to find a Priorite Shard lying there. Subsequent to gathering the Priorite Shard, Cal Kestis can progress forward with his way into the following area of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Modern Stacks.

Coruscant: Overhang 2046-C

Star wars jedi Coruscant Hangar 2046-C

The keep going Priorite Shard on Coruscant is similarly as simple to find as most of them. Just subsequent to beating Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Coruscant chief, the 10th Sister, Cal will forge ahead through Coruscant appearance off a portion of his as of late educated capacities.

When all the wall running, rope climbing, and ziplining is finished, Cal will arrive at a stage just before the region where the goal will be finished, and he will leave Coruscant. Prior to heading through the entryway into that area, head toward its left and there will a rail. Go quite far to where the railing corners up to the structure and there will be a Priorite Shard resting there.

Koboh: Chasm Crash Site

Star wars jedi Koboh Gorge Crash Site

Presently on the Jedi: Survivor planet

Koboh, there is one shard that can be found in the accident site region, and it is genuinely simple to get to without getting way off course. From the Canyon Crash Site Reflection point, proceed and wall stumble into to one side where Cal will land close to two Fight Droids hindering a cavern entrance.

Polish them off and on second thought of proceeding with straight into the cavern, take a prompt left once right inside its entry. There will be an edge that Cal can do a wall race to get up to. When on the edge, the Priorite Shard will be the main thing up there to be gathered.

Koboh: Abandoned Dam (Flimsy Wall)


The second Priorite Shard on Koboh isn’t found until arriving at the Abandoned Dam region. From the area’s Reflection Point, which additionally fills in as Jedi: Survivors strategy for Quick Travel, go directly toward the huge animal somewhere far off. There will be a way that is driving down, progress forward with it until arriving at the two foes toward its finish.

Rout them and afterward wall stumble into to get to the next region. There will be a plain to see looking wall that is flimsy. On the off chance that players look somewhat off to one side close to the little rock, there, they will find the following Priorite Shard.

Koboh: Forsaken Dam (Brazier)

Star Wars Jedi Koboh Derelict Dam (Breakable Wall)

Beginning at the Intercession Point, go on straight and stop before the raised incline. There will be a method for cutting this down later, yet for the present, Cal can simply hop utilizing the edge to one side of it. Proceed and hop onto the principal stage in the tar pit. Presently, leap beyond what many would consider possible to one side and stroll through the tar to arrive at the plants.

Move up and polish off several foes at the top prior to following the way of the Dam down to where a couple of additional adversaries anticipate. Presently enter the cavern, battle the commando droid, and follow the way to the right quickly following the battle. The Shard is in the dark Brazier close to the locked entryway.

Koboh: Southern Reach (Edge)

Star wars jedi Koboh Derelict Dam (Brazier)

This Priorite Shard will be tracked down in the Southern Arrive at area of Koboh. From the Southern Arrive at Reflection Point, get some distance from the planned heading, and there will be a region to do a wall bounce. Cal can feel free to wall hop up to the top where there will be a little edge region.

The Priorite Shard will be perched on the ground up there. This isn’t one of the hardest Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to reach using any and all means, however it tends to be barely noticeable on the off chance that players don’t remember to investigate the region prior to progressing forward with their excursion.

Koboh: Southen Come to (Bird’s Home)

star wars jedi koboh southern reach ledge

From the Contemplation Point, head down and around the way that prompts the open region. Stop where Mosey is and travel toward the path inverse her to arrive at a region with a cascade. There will be several foes here, if experiencing difficulty with them, consider trading to one of Jedi: Survivor’s lower trouble levels.

If straightforwardly confronting the cascade, there will be a couple of bits of yellow metal resting against certain stones off to one side. Bounce up onto that edge and afterward move up the plants to arrive at a higher place where there will be a bird’s home for certain eggs. The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Priorite Shard is in the home.