‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ Is Dropping May 9 or 16

Taylor Swift Announces Speak Now (Taylor's Version) at Nashville Show I Love to Surprise You

Swifties Analyzed Tay’s Insta and Have Concluded That ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ Is Dropping May 9 or 16. During her Nashville show, Taylor Swift announced that she will release “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” on July 7th, following her re-recordings of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” in 2021.

Swift expressed her excitement to release the album, which features six additional songs from the vault, and explained how the album tells a story of her growing up and experiencing both triumphs and failures.

Fans had been speculating that “Speak Now” would be the next album Swift would re-record, and Easter eggs in her recent music videos have also hinted at this. Despite skipping the 2023 Met Carpet, Swift is still making headlines with her exciting news.

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Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift just announced her next album re-recording!

On Friday night, sparks were flying at her Nashville show at Nissan Stadium when she announced Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and lit up the pedestrian bridge purple to match the album.

Taking the stage alone for her solo songs, Swift, 33, admitted, “There’s a different reason that I’m really excited about this part of the set tonight. Because I’ve been planning something for a while.”

She continued, “You know how I love to plan things, and how I love to surprise you with the things I plan. It’s my love language with you — I plot, I scheme, I plan and I get to tell you about it. If you would direct your attention to the back big screen…”

The new cover of Speak Now then appeared, additionally captioned with (Taylor’s Version) and the release date — July 7, 2023.

Swift then went into one of the album’s hits, “Sparks Fly.”

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