PTI Candidates for Election 2024 National Assembly list

PTI Candidates for Election 2024 Fial list of MNA and MPA

Check List of PTI Candidates for National Assembly General Elections  2024. PTI Candidates list for Lahore Election 2024. latest news and updates about Pakistan Politics and General elections 2024 Survey Reports.

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Elections 2024: Unraveling Nomination Papers and Political Aspirations

Elections 2024: Who Obtained and Submitted Nomination Papers So Far


The anticipation is palpable as we delve into the heart of Elections 2024. Candidates are actively navigating the labyrinth of nomination paper submissions, each step rife with intricacies. Join us on this rollercoaster of political aspirations, where the who’s who of Pakistani politics are staking their claim.

Nomination Paper Submission Period

From December 20 to 22, the corridors of power echo with the rustling of nomination papers. Aspirants from all corners of the nation converge at the designated Returning Officer (RO) offices. The clock is ticking, and the air is thick with the buzz of democracy in action.

Scrutiny and Guidelines

Come December 23, the preliminary list emerges, triggering a meticulous scrutiny process from December 24 to 30. The Election Commission of Pakistan has woven a tapestry of guidelines. A candidate’s journey is governed by rules – a maximum of five nomination papers, distinct proposers, and a fee structure that differentiates National and Provincial Assembly seats.

Eligibility Criteria Unveiled

Eligibility criteria unfold as a tableau of diversity. National Assembly hopefuls can hail from any constituency, while Provincial Assembly contenders must call their respective provinces home. The intricate dance extends to reserved seats for women in the National Assembly, demanding candidates to be voters of the corresponding province.

Appellate Tribunal and Beyond

By January 10, the Appellate Tribunal’s gavel is expected to echo decisions. The canvas of candidates will be repainted on January 11, allowing a brief window for withdrawal until January 12. The grand reveal of election symbols awaits on January 13.

Faces in the Race

Nawaz Sharif: A Mansehra Aspirant

In the picturesque landscape of Mansehra, Nawaz Sharif, PML-N’s stalwart, steps into the electoral arena from NA-15. A cast of 20, including the notable Sardar Yusuf, join the political ensemble in NA-14.

Bilawal Bhutto: Larkana Beckons

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the torchbearer of PPP, eyes NA-194 in Larkana. Simultaneously, Jahangir Tareen, IPP’s leader, navigates the labyrinth of nomination papers in three constituencies.

Shehbaz Sharif: Karachi Calling

Shehbaz Sharif, PML-N’s helmsman, charts his course from the bustling NA-242 in Karachi. The echo of Saleheen Tanoli, the recipient of his nomination form, reverberates in political circles.

Imran Khan: A Trio of Constituencies

Imran Khan, the charismatic former PTI chairman, throws his hat into three constituencies. Amidst legal ripples, PTI Senator Ali Zafar reveals a petition against the suspension of Khan’s sentence.

Fawad Chaudhry: Contesting from Confinement

Fawad Chaudhry, undeterred by incarceration, aims for the electoral podium. A courtroom nod allows the submission of nomination papers as he orchestrates his campaign from Central Adiala Jail.

Mustafa Kamal: MQM’s Deputy Colonel

Mustafa Kamal, the MQM Senior Deputy Colonel, submits his nomination papers, adding a distinctive hue to the electoral palette at NA-242.

Sheikh Rashid: Rawalpindi’s Dynamic Duo

Rawalpindi witnesses Sheikh Rashid Shafiq and former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid vying for NA-55 and NA-56. Across the nation, candidates follow suit, acquiring nomination forms from Election Commission offices.

Saira Banu: GDA’s Nominee

In the realm of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), Saira Banu emerges as the contender for NA-210 in Tando Adam. A political showdown with PPP’s Roshan Junejo awaits after the submission of her nomination papers.

Aleem Khan: IPP’s Presidential Aspirant

President of IPP, Abdul Aleem Khan, stakes his claim in Lahore’s political landscape. Nomination papers from NA 119 and PP-149 are in his possession, with the prospect of a trifecta candidacy looming.

Balochistan: A Mosaic of Nomination Papers

In Balochistan, the canvas is painted with nomination papers. From NA-262 to various Provincial Assembly seats, candidates embark on their political odyssey. The numbers tell a tale of democratic fervor, with each nomination form a brushstroke in this electoral masterpiece.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Nomination Papers Unfurl

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a stage where 113 women embrace the opportunity for political representation. The rhythm of nomination papers being submitted for general and minority seats orchestrates a symphony of democracy.

Islamabad’s Nomination Paper Waltz

In the heart of the capital, the dance of democracy continues. NA-48 witnesses 75 individuals collecting nomination papers, while NA-46 isn’t far behind with 35 aspirants in the race.