PSL 9 Official Anthem Titled Revealed By Ali Zafar “KHUL K KHEL” OST Lyrics

Learn about the official anthem for PSL 9 titled “Khul Ke Khel,” revealed by Ali Zafar. Discover the exciting OST lyrics and the collaboration with Aima Baig. Get insights into the anticipation surrounding this high-octane anthem for the Pakistan Super League.

The anthem has been written, composed and produced by renowned singer Ali Zafar, features exception music talent, Aima Baig, with a snippet and clips of all six franchises.

HBL PSL Official Anthem 2024

The anthem starts with Zafar’s vocals followed by the appearance of Aima.



Bary bary ayein gai tujh ko girany [Many will come to belittle you]

Tery ye zakhm bus to he jany [Only you know the depth of your wounds]

Himmat ko teri zamana pehchany [Let the world recognise your courage]

Wo juky na khuda ko jo many [Those who believe in God won’t falter]

Teri ankhon main hai tera jalwa [Your glory resides in your eyes]

Samny wala tery liye Halwa [The one in front of you is a delight for you]

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The Role of “Khull ke Khel” in HBL PSL 9

“Khull ke Khel” serves as more than just an anthem for HBL PSL 9; it’s a cornerstone of the league’s branding and identity for the season. This anthem encapsulates the tournament’s excitement, unity, and competitive spirit, setting an exhilarating tone for what’s to come.


The lasting impact of “Khull ke Khel” on Pakistan’s cricketing culture is profound. As the anthem of HBL PSL 9, it has set the tone for an electrifying season and solidified its place in the hearts of fans. Its ability to encapsulate the essence of cricket in Pakistan, combined with Ali Zafar’s and Aima Baig’s talents, ensures that it will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

We encourage everyone to listen to “Khull ke Khel,” immerse themselves in its vibrant energy, and support HBL PSL 9. As the anthem reverberates across stadiums and homes, let it remind us of our shared love for cricket and the unbreakable bond it creates among us.


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