Lewis Capaldi – Age, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Songs, and More

Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer-songwriter known for his powerful and emotive vocals. Born on October 7, 1996, in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland, Capaldi rose to prominence in the music industry with his breakout hit single “Someone You Loved” in 2019. His soulful voice, heartfelt lyrics, and relatable songs have earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Capaldi’s raw and honest approach to music has made him one of the most successful and celebrated artists of his generation.

  • Age:

    • Birthdate: October 7, 1996
    • Current Age: 26 years old (as of 2023)
  • Height and Weight:

    • Height: Approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
    • Weight: Around 77 kg (170 lbs)

Lewis Capaldi

  • Career:

    • Early Beginnings:
    • Breakthrough Success:
    • Albums and Discography:
    • Awards and Achievements:
  • Net Worth:

    • Estimated Net Worth:
    • Sources of Income:
  • Songs:

    • “Someone You Loved”:
    • Other Notable Songs:

Lewis Capaldi

  • Personal Life:

    • Family and Background:
    • Relationships:
    • Philanthropy:
  • Influences and Musical Style:
  • Tours and Live Performances:

Lewis Capaldi


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  • Lewis Capaldi’s girlfriend, Ellie MacDowall:

    • Ellie MacDowall is a 23-year-old actress and model from Glasgow, Scotland.
    • She is best known for her roles in the TV series “The Nest” and the film “The Cry.”
    • She is also a successful model, having worked with brands such as Chanel and Dior.
    • She is 5’7″ tall and has brown hair and blue eyes.
    • She is said to be a kind, funny, and intelligent woman.
    • She and Lewis Capaldi have been dating since early 2022.

    Ellie MacDowall

    Here are some additional details about Ellie MacDowall:

    • She was born on March 25, 1999.
    • She studied acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
    • She is represented by the same agency as Lewis Capaldi, The Artist Partnership.
    • She is a keen golfer and enjoys spending time outdoors.
    • She is a fan of the Scottish football team Celtic.

    It seems that Lewis Capaldi and Ellie MacDowall are very happy together. They have been spotted out and about on several occasions, and they seem to be very smitten with each other. I wish them all the best!

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