Breaking News: All Five Titanic Submarine Passengers Dead Bodies

All Five Titanic Submarine Passengers Dead. Is their dead Bodies Found or Not? Get Breaking news about Titanic submarine passengers Death cases and submarine missing.

Titanic Submarine Passengers

  • Are the Titanic submarine passengers dead?

Yes, the five passengers on the Titanic submarine are presumed dead. The search and rescue operation was called off on June 21, 2023, after no sign of the submarine or its passengers was found.

  • Did they find the bodies from the submarine?

No, the bodies of the five passengers have not been found. The search area is vast and the submarine is small, so it is possible that the bodies are still trapped inside the submarine.

  • Who are the 5 passengers on the submarine?

The five passengers on the submarine were:

  • Hamish Harding, a British businessman and explorer
  • Shahzada Dawood, a Pakistani businessman
  • Suleman Dawood, Shahzada Dawood’s teenage son
  • Paul-Henri Nargeolet, a French explorer
  • Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, the company that operates the submarine
  • Who passed away in the submarine?

All five passengers on the submarine are presumed dead. There is no evidence to suggest that anyone survived the incident.

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