$426 Billion Power Lunch: World’s Most Richest Man Together on Dinner

The two richest men in the world, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, met for lunch in Paris on Monday. The meeting comes at a time when both men are facing challenges in their respective businesses. Musk is facing scrutiny from regulators over his proposed acquisition of Twitter, while Arnault’s luxury goods company LVMH is facing slowing sales.

The two men were seen dining at the Cheval Blanc hotel in Paris, which is owned by LVMH. They were also joined by Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, and Arnault’s son, Antoine Arnault.

The purpose of the meeting was not immediately clear, but it is possible that the two men discussed ways to collaborate on future projects. Musk has previously expressed interest in the luxury goods industry, and Arnault has said that he is open to working with Musk on new ventures.

$426 Billion Power Lunch

The meeting between Musk and Arnault is a sign of the growing influence of the two men in the global business world. Musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, while Arnault is the chairman and CEO of LVMH. Together, they are worth an estimated $470 billion.

here is an image of Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault dining together in Paris.

Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault dine Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault dine Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault dine

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