2023 NBA Draft: After Selecting Scoot Henderson, What’s Next for the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard

The 2023 NBA Draft has concluded, and the Portland Trail Blazers made an intriguing selection by choosing Scoot Henderson. This talented young point guard brings excitement to the team, but it also raises questions about the future of the Trail Blazers and their star player, Damian Lillard. Let’s delve into what lies ahead for the Trail Blazers and Lillard in the wake of this draft.

  • Scoot Henderson’s Potential:

  • Scoot Henderson‘s selection marks a pivotal moment for the Trail Blazers. The 6’3″ guard possesses exceptional athleticism, playmaking abilities, and a high basketball IQ. As a projected franchise cornerstone, Henderson has the potential to contribute significantly to the team’s success. The Trail Blazers’ decision to draft him signals their commitment to building for the future.
  • Impact on Damian Lillard:

  • With the addition of Scoot Henderson, the question arises: how will this affect Damian Lillard’s role within the team? Lillard has been the face of the Trail Blazers for years, but recent seasons have seen them fall short of their championship aspirations. The arrival of a promising young point guard could alleviate some of the playmaking burden on Lillard, allowing him to focus more on scoring and optimizing his impact on the court.
  • Enhancing the Supporting Cast:

  • While Scoot Henderson brings promise, the Trail Blazers must also focus on improving their supporting cast. Lillard has voiced his desire for a stronger roster that can compete for a title. By acquiring complementary pieces that fit well alongside Lillard and Henderson, the Trail Blazers can build a more formidable team and alleviate the pressure on their star players.
  • Potential Trade Scenarios:

  • The Trail Blazers’ decision to draft Henderson doesn’t preclude the possibility of exploring trade scenarios involving Damian Lillard. Despite his loyalty to the franchise, Lillard’s desire to compete for a championship may lead to a potential trade in the future. If the Trail Blazers believe they can better position themselves for success by trading Lillard for a package of assets, it could reshape the team’s direction and accelerate their rebuilding process.
  • Lillard’s Future:

  • Stay or Go? The Scoot Henderson selection begs the question: Will Damian Lillard remain with the Trail Blazers or seek greener pastures elsewhere? Lillard’s commitment to Portland has been unwavering, but as his prime years tick away, the desire for a championship could influence his decision-making. The Trail Blazers’ ability to build a competitive roster and contend for a title will undoubtedly play a crucial role in Lillard’s long-term commitment to the team.


The selection of Scoot Henderson in the 2023 NBA Draft signifies the Trail Blazers’ commitment to building for the future. While his arrival brings excitement, it also raises questions about Damian Lillard’s role and the team’s overall direction. The Trail Blazers must focus on enhancing their supporting cast and creating a championship-caliber roster to keep their star player content. As the NBA landscape continues to evolve, the decisions made in the aftermath of this draft will shape the future of the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard’s legacy.

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