Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.? | Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth & More

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.? | Age, Height, Parents, Net Worth & More

Get to know all about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, including his age, height, parents, great-grandparents, and net worth. Also, find out who his mother is and more interesting details.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is the eldest son of Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He was born on June 17, 2010, in San Diego, California, United States. Ronaldo Jr. is widely recognized for his father’s stardom and has also gained a significant social media following.

Full Name:       Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Nickname:        Cristianinho

Birth date:         June 17, 2010

Age:                  12

Zodiac Sign:       Gemini

Height:               4′ 4.8″

Net Worth:        $1.2 million

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Mother

The identity of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s mother is not publicly known. Ronaldo has been tight-lipped about his son’s biological mother, choosing to raise him as a single father. However, he has publicly stated that his son’s mother is no longer a part of his life and that he has full custody of Ronaldo Jr.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Height

As of 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is estimated to be around 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall. He is still a growing teenager and is likely to add a few more inches to his height in the coming years.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Age

As mentioned earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was born on June 17, 2010, which makes him 12 years old as of 2023.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Great-Grandparents

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is the great-grandchild of two Portuguese celebrities. His great-grandmother, Filomena Aveiro, is a well-known cook and has even authored a cookbook. Ronaldo Jr.’s great-grandfather, Dinis Aveiro, was a professional footballer and played for Andorinha, the same team where Ronaldo began his football career.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Parents

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. was born to Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest footballers of all time, and an unidentified woman. Ronaldo Jr.’s father has taken full responsibility for raising him and has not publicly revealed the identity of his mother.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Net Worth

As of 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. This figure includes his earnings from sponsorships, social media endorsements, and his father’s wealth. Ronaldo Jr. is still young and has plenty of time to build his own fortune in the future.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is Born

His birth is announced on Twitter and Facebook by his famous father and football icon Christiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Jr.’s Video Goes Viral

Cristiano Ronaldo releases a video of his son Ronaldo Jr. imitating his famous pose on free kicks and scoring a wonderful goal, and the short video of him showcasing his remarkable talent gains worldwide media attention and goes viral on social media.

He Begins Training

The young talent Ronaldo Jr. begins training for football, under the guidance of his father.

He Joins the Red Devils

The young talent joins Manchester United’s Under-12 squad during the summer transfer.


He’s a devoted player

At the young age of 12, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has already shown incredible talent. He’s now training in the Manchester United academy to become a legend like his father.

He’s ambitious and focused

In a couple of videos shared by fans, Ronaldo Jr. is seen playing the sport with great passion. He is training to play professionally, under the guidance of his father.

His family ties

His family is pretty close-knit and is often seen traveling together. The unconditional support and love are evident in the pictures that his father shares online.


He’s fashion-savvy

In all the appearances he’s made, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. always looks chic and effortlessly stylish.

He loves to travel

Apart from studying and playing soccer, Ronaldo Jr. seems to love traveling and enjoys exploring new places.

He enjoys swimming

As observed in various social media posts, Ronaldo Jr. enjoys swimming and visits beaches often.

He learns from his father

His father being one of the best in the world, Ronaldo Jr. is keen on learning from him, often accompanying him to his soccer matches.

He likes singing

As seen in his father and stepmom’s social media posts, the youngster has sung a few songs on occasion and seems to enjoy singing.

Final Words:

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is the son of one of the most celebrated footballers in history. Despite being born to a single father and his mother’s identity being a secret, he has already gained immense popularity at a young age. Ronaldo Jr. has a bright future ahead of him and is sure to make a name for himself in the world of sports.