Pti Candidates in Rawalpindi with symbols and Names Election 2024

Pti Candidates in Rawalpindi with symbols and Names Election 2024

Find out about the full list of candidates nominated by the Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) for the General Elections 2024 to be held in Rawalpindi. Find out who is contesting, what electoral symbol they have been allotted, from which constituency. Stay updated with the political scenario of PTI as it gears for the elections to make sure you know all candidate names and symbols. Get a peek into dynamic electoral choices shaping PTI lineup in Rawalpindi to provide invaluable insights into strategy for party’s berth in region.

 PTI Final Candidates in Rawalpindi – Election 2024

Find below the final list of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidates for the General Elections 2024 in Rawalpindi. Know more about the names, symbols as well as constituencies of the primary rivals named by PTI to contest the most crucial electoral fight on behalf of the party. Keep track of the strategic choices made by PTI in Rawalpindi as it looks to cement its presence in the coming polls. Lecrel deep into the political environment and gather some insight on as to PTI’s ultimate lineup, by making sure you keep abreast with all election development in Rawalpindi.

PTI Candidates in Lahore Name & Symbols General Election 2024

PP-7 Rawalpindi-I Col. (Retd.) Shabbir Awan
PP-8 Rawalpindi-II Javed Kausar
PP-9 Rawalpindi-III Adv Tariq Bhatti
PP-10 Rawalpindi-IV Chaudhary Ameer Afzal
PP-11 Rawalpindi-V Chaudhary Nazeer
PP-12 Rawalpindi-VI Zahid Mehmood
PP-13 Rawalpindi-VII Malik Fahad Masood
PP-14 Rawalpindi-VIII Sardar Nasir Khan
PP-15 Rawalpindi-IX Ziyad Kiyani
PP-16 Rawalpindi-X Ijaz Khan Jazi
PP-17 Rawalpindi-XI Raja Rashid Hafeez
PP-18 Rawalpindi-XII Asad Abbas
PP-19 Rawalpindi-XIII M.Tanveer Aslam