Madiha Imam Shares Wedding Pictures: Fans React

Mixed Public Reaction On Madiha Imam’s Foreigner Husband Moji Basar

Madiha Imam, Pakistani Actress, Gets Married to Nepalese or Indian Film Maker Moji Basar in Dubai. Who is Madiha Imam husband, wiki, photos, and more.

Madiha Imam Wedding Photos:

  • Madiha Imam, a popular Pakistani television actress, tied the knot with a Nepalese or Indian origin filmmaker, Moji Basar, in Dubai.
  • The actress shared her wedding pictures on social media, surprising her fans who were eagerly waiting for her upcoming drama serials.
  • Fans’ major concern was the nationality of her husband, with some passing hilarious comments in shock and sadness.
  • Some fans even commented on her husband’s Chinese looks, while others felt sad that she got married too soon.
  • Despite the mixed reactions, many of Madiha’s fans expressed their happiness and congratulated the couple on their wedding.

Madiha Imam’s Husband Moji Basar Madiha Imam’s with his Husband Moji Basar

Madiha Imam’s Close Reception Event Held in Dubai

  • Following their wedding, Madiha Imam and Moji Basar held a close reception event in Dubai.
  • Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the couple through photos shared on social media.
  • While some fans still expressed concern over the nationality of her husband, many others continued to congratulate the couple and wish them a happy married life.

Fans Reaction on Madiha Imam: