Love is Blind Reunion Delayed as Netflix Apologizes for Technical Issues

Love is Blind Reunion Delayed as Netflix Apologizes for Technical Issues

Netflix’s much-awaited live reunion for the cast of “Love is Blind” season 4 was postponed due to technical difficulties. Fans who eagerly awaited the event were left waiting as Netflix encountered issues with the live stream.

Love is Blind Reunion Delayed

The streaming service decided to tape the show for streaming and announced it would be available worldwide at 3 pm ET the following day. In a statement, Netflix apologized to fans who stayed up late, woke up early, or gave up their Sunday afternoon for the Love is Blind Live Reunion, which did not go as planned.

Netflix’s competitors, such as Amazon Prime and Apple TV+, have found success with live streaming, but Netflix has been resistant to the idea due to the high cost of live broadcast rights, particularly for sports. However, the company started experimenting with live broadcasts in 2022 after losing subscribers as consumer behavior shifted.

The “Love is Blind” series, which features couples who propose before seeing each other, helped solidify Netflix’s reality TV chops when it began streaming three years ago. The live reunion was hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, and fans took to social media with silly and biting posts as they waited for the delayed event.

With the technical issues resolved, fans of the show were able to watch the reunion on Netflix, which streamed without any problems.

Among the angry fans was New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whom Netflix retweeted.

When Love Is Blind: The Reunion will be available globally?

Netflix made the announcement in a message posted to its social media accounts on Sunday night. “Love Is Blind: The Reunion will be available globally at 12pm PT on April 17,” wrote a spokesperson. “Promise.”