Is ‘The Zen of Bennett’ on Netflix? Where to watch the Tony Bennett documentary online

Is 'The Zen of Bennett' on Netflix? Where to watch the Tony Bennett documentary online

Tony Bennett, a legendary crooner and beloved figure in the world of music, has enchanted audiences for decades with his timeless melodies and incomparable voice. A Grammy-winning artist with a career spanning over seven decades, Bennett’s journey is one of inspiration and artistry. Capturing the essence of this iconic singer, “The Zen of Bennett is a documentary that delves into the life and musical legacy of this remarkable artist. In this article, we will explore the existence of ‘The Zen of Bennett’ on Netflix and other online streaming platforms, ensuring fans and music enthusiasts can experience this heartwarming and insightful documentary.

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The Zen of Bennett‘ is a captivating documentary that offers an intimate glimpse into Tony Bennett’s life and the creation of his 2011 album, “Duets II.” Directed by Unjoo Moon, this film follows Tony Bennett’s artistic process and the collaborative efforts with various musicians, including Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Michael BublĂ©, among others. The documentary showcases the wisdom and experience of an artist who has stood the test of time while retaining his passion for music.

Tony Bennett’s philosophy of embracing the present moment and finding peace in the midst of chaos – hence the title “The Zen of Bennett” – becomes a central theme throughout the film. Audiences witness a side of Tony Bennett that goes beyond the spotlight, offering a deeper understanding of the man behind the microphone.

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Where to watch ‘The Zen of Bennett’ online:

While ‘The Zen of Bennett’ may not be on Netflix, there are other options to access this acclaimed documentary. Some of the popular streaming platforms where you might find the film include:

The Zen of Bennett’ presents an extraordinary look into the life and artistry of Tony Bennett, an iconic figure in the music industry. Through this documentary, viewers gain an appreciation for the depth of Bennett’s musicality and his unique approach to life. While ‘The Zen of Bennett’ is not currently found on Netflix, it can likely be accessed through other online streaming platforms or by obtaining a physical copy. This film is a must-watch for Tony Bennett fans and anyone fascinated by the journey of an artist who has left an indelible mark on the world of music