Google Doodle Celebrates 86th Birthday of Indo-American Artist Zarina Hashmi

Artist Zarina Hashmi

On the occasion of Zarina Hashmi’s 86th birthday, Google paid tribute to the renowned Indo-American artist by featuring a special Google Doodle on its homepage. Zarina Hashmi, also known simply as Zarina, was known for her minimalist artwork that explored themes of displacement, home, and memory. Through her unique artistic vision, Zarina made significant contributions to the art world, leaving a lasting impact on both Indian and international art communities.

  • Early Life and Background:

Zarina Hashmi was born on July 16, 1937, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. She grew up in a creative household, as her father was a professor of economics and her mother was a bibliophile. Zarina’s family background and upbringing greatly influenced her artistic journey, fostering a deep love for literature, calligraphy, and the idea of home.

  • Artistic Journey:

After completing her education in mathematics, Zarina moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where she discovered her passion for printmaking. She began to experiment with different techniques and materials, gradually developing her signature style. Inspired by her experiences of displacement and longing for home, Zarina’s artwork often featured intricate lines, geometric shapes, and maps.

  • Significance of Zarina’s Art:

Zarina’s art resonated with viewers on a profound level, as it delved into themes of identity, migration, and belonging. Her use of maps as a metaphor for personal and cultural navigation struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Through her minimalist approach, Zarina captured the essence of displacement, exploring the impact of geopolitical boundaries on human lives.

  • Recognition and Achievements:

Zarina Hashmi’s contributions to the art world were widely recognized and celebrated. She exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious art institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi. Zarina’s talent and artistic vision earned her critical acclaim, solidifying her status as a pioneering figure in contemporary art.

  • Legacy and Influence:

Zarina Hashmi’s artistic legacy continues to inspire and influence emerging artists and art enthusiasts. Her unique ability to capture the complexity of displacement and the longing for home remains relevant in a world grappling with issues of migration and identity. Zarina’s work serves as a reminder of the power of art to express profound emotions and provoke meaningful dialogue.


Google’s commemorative doodle honoring Zarina Hashmi’s 86th birthday pays tribute to an exceptional artist whose work transcended borders and touched the hearts of many. Zarina’s minimalist artwork continues to inspire and provoke thought, addressing universal themes of displacement and longing. As we celebrate her life and artistic achievements, we recognize Zarina Hashmi’s indelible mark on the art world and her enduring legacy as a visionary artist.