Finalized PTI ticket holders for Lahore 2024

Finalized PTI ticket holders for Lahore 2024

The roster of finalized PTI ticket holders for Lahore the upcoming elections in Lahore for the year 2024 has been officially released. This comprehensive list includes the chosen candidates who will represent the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party in the electoral battleground of Lahore.

After a meticulous selection process and thorough evaluation of potential candidates, the PTI leadership has unveiled the names of individuals who have been granted the party’s endorsement to contest in the forthcoming elections. These finalized ticket holders will carry the PTI banner and vie for electoral success in Lahore, a crucial political arena.

The announcement of the confirmed PTI candidates marks a significant milestone in the party’s preparations for the upcoming elections. Party supporters and the general public can now access the list to familiarize themselves with the individuals entrusted with the responsibility of representing PTI in Lahore.

PTI Final Ticket Holders List Lahore

Serial No Halqa No PTI’s Candidate
1 PP-144 (To be finalized soon)
2 PP-145 (To be finalized soon)
3 PP-146 (To be finalized soon)
4 PP-147 Mian Ebad Farooq
5 PP-148 Abdul Kareem / Hafiz Zeeshan Rashid
6 PP-149 Meher Wasim
7 PP-150 (To be finalized soon)
8 PP-151 Qaiser But
9 PP-152 Wasim Qadir
10 PP-153 Yusuf Mayo
11 PP-154 (To be finalized soon)
12 PP-155 Hammad Azhar
13 PP-156 Ali Waraich
14 PP-157 Hafiz Farhat Abbas
15 PP-158 Meher Sharafat
16 PP-159 Azam Khan Niazi
17 PP-160 Murad Raas
18 PP-161 Atif Chaudhry
19 PP-162 Zaheer Abbas Khokhar
20 PP-163 Ali Baba
21 PP-164 Ali Baba / Ahmar Rashid Bhatti
22 PP-165 Khalid Gujjar
23 PP-166 Sarfraz Khokhar
24 PP-167 Nadeem Bara
25 PP-168 Mian Mahmood ur Rashid
26 PP-169 Mian Akram Usman
27 PP-170 Mian Aslam Iqbal
28 PP-171 (To be finalized soon)
29 PP-172 Zubair Niazi
30 PP-173 Asghar Gujjar

The PTI ticket holders list for the MNAs and MPAs has been prepared after a long process of consultation and deliberation within the party. The list includes both old and new faces, and it reflects the PTI’s commitment to promoting meritocracy within the party.

Lahore is the capital city of the Punjab province in Pakistan, and it is one of the most populous cities in the country. The PTI has a strong presence in Lahore, and it is expected to do well in the 2024 elections. The PTI has announced its ticket holders for the Lahore MPA seats, and the list has generated a lot of interest among PTI supporters.

The PTI has fielded some new faces in the Lahore MPA seats, and this has been seen as a positive move by many PTI supporters. The party has also given tickets to some old faces who have been with the party since its inception.