Final List Of PTI Ticket Holders In Punjab For Election 2023

Punjab Elections 2023: Final List Of PTI Ticket Holders In Punjab For Election 2023

Get here final list of PTI ticket holders in Punjab for Elections 2023. PTI Chairman Imran Khan announce candidates names after taking their interviews personally. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is the largest political party in Pakistan with a mission to create a prosperous Pakistan where every citizen can live in peace and contribute to society. Founded by Imran Khan, a former cricketer, the party aims to promote justice and equal rights for all.

Upcoming Elections in Pakistan: PTI Candidates for MNA and MPA Seats

As Pakistan prepares for its next elections on 30th April 2023, political parties are busy finalizing their candidates for the upcoming polls. PTI has also selected its candidates for MNA and MPA seats, giving out party tickets to those who will represent them in the elections.

Growing Popularity of PTI: More Candidates Apply for Party Tickets

In the past, it was difficult to find candidates willing to run on PTI’s ticket, but now the party has seen a surge in applications from potential candidates. However, not all applicants were able to secure party tickets for the upcoming elections.

Check Out the Final List of PTI Candidates for MNA and MPA Seats

If you’re curious about the PTI candidates for the upcoming elections in Pakistan, you can find the final list online. This list includes the candidates who have secured party tickets to contest for MNA and MPA seats in the 2023 elections.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf: A Political Party with a Vision for a Prosperous Pakistan

PTI Final List Of MPA & MNP Ticket Holder Candidates 2023





Description Candidate Name
1 PP-01


Qazi Ahmad Akbar
2 PP-02 Attock-II Akbar Khan Tanoli
3 PP-03 Attock-III Yawar Abbas
4 PP-04 Attock-IV Col. R Muhammad Anwar
5 PP-05 Attock-V Jamshed Altaf
6 PP-06


Majo. R Latasab Satti
7 PP-07 Rawalpindi-II Col Shabbir
8 PP-08 Rawalpindi-III Javed Kosar
9 PP-09 Rawalpindi-IV Ch. Sajid
10 PP-10 Rawalpindi-V Tayyaba Ibrahim
11 PP-11 Rawalpindi-VI Ch. Adnan
12 PP-12 Rawalpindi-VII Wasiq Qayyum
13 PP-13 Rawalpindi-VIII Haji Amjad
14 PP-14 Rawalpindi-IX Raja Basharat
15 PP-15 Rawalpindi-X Umar Butt
16 PP-16 Rawalpindi-XI Raja Rashid Hafeez
17 PP-17 Rawalpindi-XII Faiz ul Hassan Chohan
18 PP-18 Rawalpindi-XIII Ejaz Khan Jazi
19 PP-19 Rawalpindi-XIV Ammar Siddique Khan
20 PP-20 Rawalpindi-XV Malik Taimoor
21 PP-21


Sardar Aftab Akbar
22 PP-22 Chakwal-II Tariq Afzal Kalas
23 PP-23 Chakwal-III Fauzia Behram
24 PP-24 Chakwal-IV Ammar Yasir
25 PP-25


Fouq Sher Baz
26 PP-26 Jhelum-II Ch Zafar
27 PP-27 Jhelum-III Raja Shahnawaz
28 PP-28


Ch Arshad
29 PP-29 Gujrat-II Ali Liaqat Bhaddar
30 PP-30 Gujrat-III Mian Akhtar Hayat
31 PP-31 Gujrat-IV Shah Nawaz
32 PP-32 Gujrat-V Ch Monas Ehali
33 PP-33 Gujrat-VI Saleem Jora
34 PP-34 Gujrat-VII Ch Pervaiz Ehali
35 PP-35


Saeed Bhalli
36 PP-36 Sialkot-II Ehsan Baryar
37 PP-37 Sialkot-III Ch Muhammad Ikhlaq
38 PP-38 Sialkot-IV Usmar Dar
39 PP-39 Sialkot-V Omer Javed Ghumman
40 PP-40 Sialkot-VI Tanveer ul Islam
41 PP-41 Sialkot-VII Ahsan Abbas
42 PP-42 Sialkot-VIII Bao Rizwan Q
43 PP-43 Sialkot-IX Waqas Iftikhar
44 PP-44 Sialkot-X Azeem Noori Ghumman
45 PP-45 Sialkot-XI Br. Jamshed
46 PP-46


Syed ul Hassan
47 PP-47 Narowal-II Arslan Hafeez
48 PP-48 Narowal-III Tariq Anees
49 PP-49 Narowal-IV Sajjad Mahais
50 PP-50 Narowal-V Irfan Abid
51 PP-51


Ch Yousaf
52 PP-52 Gujranwala-II Ahmad Chattha
53 PP-53 Gujranwala-III Jamal Nasir Cheema
54 PP-54 Gujranwala-IV Hasan Yousaf
55 PP-55 Gujranwala-V Umair Pervaiz Virk
56 PP-56 Gujranwala-VI Mian Arkam Khan
57 PP-57 Gujranwala-VII Pending
58 PP-58 Gujranwala-VIII Rana Sajid Ali Khan
59 PP-59 Gujranwala-IX Hassan Iqbal Buttar
60 PP-60 Gujranwala-X Rizwan Aslam Butt
61 PP-61 Gujranwala-XI Pending
62 PP-62 Gujranwala-XII Tariq Gujjar
63 PP-63 Gujranwala-XIII Asad Ullah Papa
64 PP-64 Gujranwala-XIV Khalid Lone
65 PP-65


Tariq Sahi
66 PP-66 M.B.Din-II Tariq Tarar
67 PP-67 M.B.Din-III Sajid Bhatti
68 PP-68 M.B.Din-IV Qamar Khan
69 PP-69


Asad Ullah Arrian
70 PP-70 Hafizabad-II Sikandar Nawaz Bhatti
71 PP-71 Hafizabad-III Aon Intisar Bhatti
72 PP-72


Hassan Inam Paracha
73 PP-73 Sargodha-II Khaliq Dad Parihar
74 PP-74 Sargodha-III Ansar Iqbal Haral
75 PP-75 Sargodha-IV Muneeb Cheema
76 PP-76 Sargodha-V Abdullah Mumtaz
77 PP-77 Sargodha-VI Ansar Majeed Niazi
78 PP-78 Sargodha-VII Faisal Farooq Cheema
79 PP-79 Sargodha-VIII Faisal Ghumman
80 PP-80 Sargodha-IX Ghulam Ali Asghar Lari
81 PP-81 Sargodha-X Iftikhar Gondal
82 PP-82


Malik Hassan Aslam Awan
83 PP-83 Khushab-II Faisal Khaliq Bandial
84 PP-84 Khushab-III Gul Asghar Baghoor
85 PP-85


Abdul Rehman Khan
86 PP-86 Mianwali-II Amin Ullah Khan
87 PP-87 Mianwali-II Ahmad Khan Bachar
88 PP-88 Mianwali-IV Sardar Sibtain Khan
89 PP-89


Ameer Muhammad Khan
90 PP-90 Bhakkar-II Irfan Ullah Khan
91 PP-91 Bhakkar-III Ghanzafar Khan Cheena
92 PP-92 Bhakkar-IV Aamir Shahani
93 PP-93


Taimoor Lali
94 PP-94 Chiniot-II Shaukat Ali Taheem
95 PP-95 Chiniot-III Nazim Raza
96 PP-96 Chiniot-IV Saleem Bibi Bharwana
97 PP-97


Ali Afzal Sahi
98 PP-98 Faisalabad-II Afzal Sahi
99 PP-99 Faisalabad-III Taimoor Ali Khan
100 PP-100 Faisalabad-IV Rai Haidar Kharal
101 PP-101 Faisalabad-V Ehsan Mushtaq Toor
102 PP-102 Faisalabad=VI Noor Shahid
103 PP-103 Faisalabad-VII Arif Gill
104 PP-104 Faisalabad-VIII Adil Pervaiz
105 PP-105 Faisalabad-IX Rai Ehsan
106 PP-106 Faisalabad-X Malik Omar Farooq
107 PP-107 Faisalabad-XI Rana Aftab
108 PP-108 Faisalabad-XII Hafiz Attaullah
109 PP-109 Faisalabad-XIII Hassan Niazi
110 PP-110 Faisalabad-XIV Asad Moazzam
111 PP-111 Faisalabad-XV Asad Mehmood
112 PP-112 Faisalabad-XVI Bilal Basra
113 PP-113 Faisalabad-XVII Latif Nazar
114 PP-114 Faisalabad-XVIII Sheikh Shahid Javed
115 PP-115 Faisalabad-XIX Malik Ismail Sela
116 PP-116 Faisalabad-XX Ali Sarfraz
117 PP-117 Faisalabad-XXII Mian Khayal Kastro
118 PP-118

T.T. Singh-I

Bilal Asghar Warriach
119 PP-119 T.T. Singh-II Ehsan Ahsan Gujjar
120 PP-120 T.T. Singh-III Saeed Ahmad Saeedi
121 PP-121 T.T. Singh-IV Ch Ramzan
122 PP-122 T.T. Singh-V Ashifa Raiz Fatiana
123 PP-123 T.T. Singh-VI Sonia Ali Raza
124 PP-124


125 PP-125 Jhang-II Sheikh Yaqoob
126 PP-126 Jhang-III Ghulam Bibi Bharwana
127 PP-127 Jhang-IV Col Ghanzafar Abbas
128 PP-128 Jhang-V Asif Kathia
129 PP-129 Jhang-VI Rana Shahbaz
130 PP-130 Jhang-VII Muhammad Azam Chela
131 PP-131

Nankana Sahib-I

Tariq Bajwa
132 PP-132 Nankana Sahib-II Muhammad Atif
133 PP-133 Nankana Sahib-III Sohail Gill
134 PP-134 Nankana Sahib-IV Rana Jameel Hassan
135 PP-135


Omar Aftab Dhilon
136 PP-136 Sheikhupura-II Khurram Ejaz Chattha
137 PP-137 Sheikhupura-III Malik Iqbal
138 PP-138 Sheikhupura-IV Ijaz Bhatti
139 PP-139 Sheikhupura-V Omar Awais Virk
140 PP-140 Sheikhupura-VI Tayyab Rashid
141 PP-141 Sheikhupura-VII Ali Salman
142 PP-142 Sheikhupura-VIII Sher Akbar
143 PP-143 Sheikhupura-IX Sarfraz Dogar
144 PP-144


Yasir Gillani
145 PP-145 Lahore-II Asif Bhindar
146 PP-146 Lahore-III Malik Waqar
147 PP-147 Lahore-IV G.M Deewan
148 PP-148 Lahore-V Abdul Karim Khan
149 PP-149 Lahore-VI Mian Abbad Farooq
150 PP-150 Lahore-VII Qaiser Butt
151 PP-151 Lahore-VIII Hafiz Mansab Awan
152 PP-152 Lahore-IX Nasir Salman
153 PP-153 Lahore-X Saeed Sidhu
154 PP-154 Lahore-XI Ali Abbas
155 PP-155 Lahore-XII Sheikh Imtiaz
156 PP-156 Lahore-XIII Ali Imtiaz
157 PP-157 Lahore-XIV Hafiz Farhat
158 PP-158 Lahore-XV Mehar Sharafat
159 PP-159 Lahore-XVI Azam Niazi
160 PP-160 Lahore-XVII Haidar Majeed
161 PP-161 Lahore-XVIII Ammar Bashir Gujjar
162 PP-162 Lahore-XIX Pending
163 PP-163 Lahore-XX Mansha Sindhu
164 PP-164 Lahore-XXI Ahmar Bhatti
165 PP-165 Lahore-XXII Khalid Gujjar
166 PP-166 Lahore-XXIII Sarfraz Khokhar
167 PP-167 Lahore-XXIV Malik Nadeem Bara
168 PP-168 Lahore-XXV Mian Mehmood ur Rasheed
169 PP-169 Lahore-XXVI Akram Usman
170 PP-170 Lahore-XXVII Mian Aslam Iqbal
171 PP-171 Lahore-XXVIII Mehar Wajid
172 PP-172 Lahore-XXIX Zubair Niazi
173 PP-173 Lahore-XXX Dr Yasmeen Rashid
174 PP-174


Mrs. Muzamil Masood Bhatti
175 PP-175 Kasur-II Nasira Mayo
176 PP-176 Kasur-III Ashfaq Kamboh
177 PP-177 Kasur-IV Barrister Shahid Masood
178 PP-178 Kasur-V Mian Humbal
179 PP-179 Kasur-VI Hashim Dogar
180 PP-180 Kasur-VII Sardar Asif Naqai
181 PP-181 Kasur-VIII Malik Mukhtar Ahmad
182 PP-182 Kasur-IX Rana Aslam
183 PP-183


Mehar Muhammad Javed
184 PP-184 Okara-II Rai Muhammad Aslam
185 PP-185 Okara-III Rao Hassan Sikandar
186 PP-186 Okara-IV Mehar Abdul Sattar
187 PP-187 Okara-V Syed Gulzar Hasnain
188 PP-188 Okara-VI Ch Tariq Irshad
189 PP-189 Okara-VII Fiaz Qasim Watto
190 PP-190 Okara-VIII Dewan Ikhlaq Ahmad
191 PP-191


Mansab Dogar
192 PP-192 Pakpattan-II Mian Farrukh Manika
193 PP-193 Pakpattan-III Mayar Moeen ud Chishti
194 PP-194 Pakpattan-IV Khan Ameer Hamza Rath
195 PP-195 Pakpattan-V Mohammad Naeem Ibrahim
196 PP-196


Sajjad Nasir
197 PP-197 Sahiwal-II Rana Aftab
198 PP-198 Sahiwal-III Irshad Hassan Kathia
199 PP-199 Sahiwal-IV Faisal Ahmad Dhako
200 PP-200 Sahiwal-V Waheed Asghar Dogar
201 PP-201 Sahiwal-VI Adil Saeed Gujjar
202 PP-202 Sahiwal-VII Rai Muhammad Iqbal
203 PP-203


Syed Khawar Ali Shah
204 PP-204 Khanewal-II Pending
205 PP-205 Khanewal-III Ahmad Yar Hiraj
206 PP-206 Khanewal-IV Noreen Nishat Daha
207 PP-207 Khanewal-V Syed Ali Abbas
208 PP-208 Khanewal-VI Jamshed Shaukat
209 PP-209 Khanewal-VII Razzaq Niazi
210 PP-210 Khanewal-VIII Ch Khalid Arrian
211 PP-211


Khalid Warriach
212 PP-212 Multan-II Saleem Labbar
213 PP-213 Multan-III Nawab Badozai
214 PP-214 Multan-IV Moeen Qureshi
215 PP-215 Multan-V Haji Javed Ansari
216 PP-216 Multan-VI Nadeem Qureshi
217 PP-217 Multan-VII Zain Qureshi
218 PP-218 Multan-VIII Malik Wasif Raan
219 PP-219 Multan-IX Dr Akhtar Malik
220 PP-220 Multan-X Mian Tariq Abdullah
221 PP-221 Multan-XI Pending
222 PP-222 Multan-XII Shazia Khakhi
223 PP-223 Multan-XIII Akram Kanu
224 PP-224


Ameer Iqbal Shah
225 PP-225 Lodhran-II Shazia Hayat Ullah Tareen
226 PP-226 Lodhran-III Rana Faraz Noon
227 PP-227 Lodhran-IV Nawab Aman Ullah
228 PP-228 Lodhran-V Capt. Izzat Javed
229 PP-229


Ayesha Nazir Jutt
230 PP-230 Vehari-II Salman Mehdi
231 PP-231 Vehari-III Khalid Nisar Dogar
232 PP-232 Vehari-IV Ejaz Hussain Bandesha
233 PP-233 Vehari-V Rai Zahoor Kharal
234 PP-234 Vehari-VI Pending
235 PP-235 Vehari-VII Jehanzeb Khechi
236 PP-236 Vehari-VIII Ali Raza Khakwani
237 PP-237


Salaman Gadoka
238 PP-238 Bahawalnagar-II Nadeem Zaman
239 PP-239 Bahawalnagar-III Shaukat Ali Lalika
240 PP-240 Bahawalnagar-IV Ahtsham Lalika
241 PP-241 Bahawalnagar-V Malik Muzaffar
242 PP-242 Bahawalnagar-VI Abdullah Wains
243 PP-243 Bahawalnagar-VII Ch Murtaza
244 PP-244 Bahawalnagar-VIII Pending
245 PP-245


Nawaz Khan Abbasi
246 PP-246 Bahawalpur-II Ch Khalil Ahmad Bajwa
247 PP-247 Bahawalpur-III Ch Ehsan ul Haq
248 PP-248 Bahawalpur-IV Dr. Afzal
249 PP-249 Bahawalpur-V Gzain
250 PP-250 Bahawalpur-VI Iftikhar Gilani
251 PP-251 Bahawalpur-VII Pending – Aon Abbas Buppi
252 PP-252 Bahawalpur-VIII Malik Ahmad Usman Channar
253 PP-253 Bahawalpur-IX Pending
254 PP-254 Bahawalpur-X Ch Samiullah
255 PP-255

Rahim Yar Khan-I

Raees Iqbal
256 PP-256 Rahim Yar Khan-II Aamir Nawaz Khan
257 PP-257 Rahim Yar Khan-III Ch Jehanzaib Rashid
258 PP-258 Rahim Yar Khan-IV Ejaz Shafi
259 PP-259 Rahim Yar Khan-V Mian Shafi Muhammad
260 PP-260 Rahim Yar Khan-VI Hashim Jawan Bakhat
261 PP-261 Rahim Yar Khan-VII Iftikhar Ahmad
262 PP-262 Rahim Yar Khan-VIII Ch Asif Waheed
263 PP-263 Rahim Yar Khan-IX Naeem Shafiq
264 PP-264 Rahim Yar Khan-X Makhdoom Muhammad Hashmi
265 PP-265 Rahim Yar Khan-XI Sajjad Ahmad Warriach
266 PP-266 Rahim Yar Khan-XII Raees Akmal
267 PP-267 Rahim Yar Khan-XIII Raees Mehmood Ahmad
268 PP-268


Rana Aurangzeb Ahmad
269 PP-269 Muzaffargarh-II Pir Muzamil Jaffar
270 PP-270 Muzaffargarh-III Khalida Mohsin
271 PP-271 Muzaffargarh-IV Niaz Kishgori
272 PP-272 Muzaffargarh-V Pending
273 PP-273 Muzaffargarh-VI Iqbal Patafi
274 PP-274 Muzaffargarh-VII Jamshed Dasti
275 PP-275 Muzaffargarh-VIII Nawab Mansoor
276 PP-276 Muzaffargarh-IX Dr. Zarina
277 PP-277 Muzaffargarh-X Dawood Khan Jatoi
278 PP-278 Muzaffargarh-XI Rasool Bukish Jatoi
279 PP-279 Muzaffargarh-XII Makhdoom Raza Bukhari
280 PP-280


Athar Maqbool
281 PP-281 Layyah-II Shahab ud Din Sehar
282 PP-282 Layyah-III Col Shoaib Ameer Awan
283 PP-283 Layyah-IV Rafaqat Ali Gillani
284 PP-284 Layyah-V Ali Asghar Gurmani
285 PP-285

D.G. Khan-I

Khawaja Dawood
286 PP-286 D.G. Khan-II Usman Buzdar
287 PP-287 D.G. Khan-III Akhtar Lund
288 PP-288 D.G. Khan-IV Saif ud Din Khosa
289 PP-289 D.G. Khan-V Hanif Patafi
290 PP-290 D.G. Khan-VI Ahmad Ali Drashik
291 PP-291 D.G. Khan-VII Moeen ud Din Khosa
292 PP-292 D.G. Khan-VIII Ghanzafar Abbas
293 PP-293


Mohsil Leghari
294 PP-294 Rajanpur-II Hasnain Drashik
295 PP-295 Rajanpur-III Farooq Aman Ullah Drashik
296 PP-296 Rajanpur-IV Awais Drashik
297 PP-297 Rajanpur-V Khizar Mazari


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