How to Choose a Hair Color Based on Your Eyes and Complexion

Get the perfect hair color to complement your eyes and complexion. Learn how to choose the right shade for you.Discover the best hair colors for your skin tone and eye color. This guide has everything you need to know.

Choosing the right color for our hair is not as easy as it might seem. You may have fallen in love with a color that looks great on your best friend but doesn’t suit you very much. In fact, it most likely depends on your skin tone and the color of your eyes, whether a color looks good on you. Let’s find out how to make the right combinations.

How to Choose a Hair Color Based on Your Eyes and Complexion.

Enhance Your Eye Color

  • Blue eyes: Warm tones like golden blonde, strawberry blonde, copper, auburn, and rich browns can create a beautiful contrast with blue eyes.
  • Brown eyes: Brown eyes are versatile and suit a wide range of hair colors. To emphasize their depth, try rich chocolate browns, honey highlights, or caramel shades. For a bolder look, consider auburn or red tones.
  • Hazel eyes: Hazel eyes often have a mix of green, brown, and gold flecks. Enhance these colors with warm browns, auburn, copper highlights, or honey blonde.
  • Green eyes: Red shades are classic for green eyes – from auburn and copper to rich reds and strawberry blonde. You can also try warm blonde, golden brown, or caramel for a balanced look.

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color for Your Eyes and Skin Tone

A new hair color can transform your look, but choosing the right shade can be tricky. Your eye color and skin tone play a crucial role in determining the most flattering hair colors for you. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to select the perfect hair color:

Determine Your Skin Undertone

  • Warm undertones: Your skin has yellow, peachy, or golden hues. You tend to look best in warm colors.
  • Cool undertones: Your skin has pink, red, or bluish hues. You generally look better in cool colors.
  • Methods: The vein test, jewelry test, and white clothing test can help you determine your undertone.

Enhance Your Eye Color

  • Blue eyes: Warm tones create great contrast – think golden shades, copper, and rich browns.
  • Brown eyes: Emphasize with chocolate browns, honey highlights, or caramel. Consider auburn or red tones for a bolder look.
  • Hazel eyes: Play up the mix of colors with warm browns, auburn, copper highlights, or honey blonde.
  • Green eyes: Red shades are iconic, but you can also try warm blonde, golden brown, or caramel.

Choosing the Right Shade Based on Complexion

  • Fair skin: Opt for cool blondes, platinum, ash brown, or reds for contrast.
  • Light skin: Honey blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde, or auburn.
  • Medium skin: Rich browns, auburn, caramel, or highlights.
  • Olive skin: Chocolate brown, golden brown, auburn, or warm highlights.
  • Dark skin: Deep browns, black, auburn, or highlights in warm tones.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Natural hair color: Consider your base color when making significant changes.
  • Hair length and health: Factor these in when choosing a color and its maintenance
  • Professional consultation: A hairstylist can provide expert advice.


Choosing the right hair color based on your eyes and complexion doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little knowledge and experimentation, you can find the perfect shade that enhances your natural beauty.Please note that this is a summarized version of the blog post. The full version would delve deeper into each point, providing more detailed information and advice.


  1. How do I determine my skin tone and undertone when choosing a hair color?
    • Consider whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral. Look for veins on your wrist to determine undertones. Green veins indicate warm undertones, blue veins suggest cool undertones, and a mix of both indicates neutral undertones.
  2. What hair color complements warm skin tones?
    • Warm skin tones typically pair well with shades like golden blonde, caramel, or rich browns with red or copper undertones. These hues enhance warmth in the complexion .
  3. Which hair colors suit cool skin tones?
    • Cool skin tones are complemented by hair colors like ash blonde, platinum blonde, cool brown, or burgundy. These tones harmonize with the cool undertones in the skin.
  4. How can I choose a hair color that enhances my eye color?
    • For brown eyes, consider warm shades like caramel, chestnut, or golden brown to accentuate richness. For blue eyes, cool tones such as ash brown, platinum blonde, or cool black can make them pop. Green eyes are complemented by red or copper tones like auburn or mahogany.
  5. What hair colors should I avoid based on my complexion?
    • Avoid hair colors that clash with your skin tone. For example, individuals with cool skin tones should steer clear of warm-toned colors like golden blonde, as they can appear unnatural or wash out the complexion.
  6. Can I choose a hair color that doesn’t match my natural eye color?
    • Yes, you can opt for a hair color that contrasts with your eye color for a striking look. Just ensure the chosen hue complements your skin tone to create overall harmony.






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