Ayesha Akram leaked Private video of TikTok Star On Social Media

Ayesha Akram leaked Private video of TikTok Star On Social Media

Private video of TikTok star Ayesha Akram leaked Video watch online latest leaked video of Ayesha Akram after Aliza Sehar’s Video leaked on social media.

There is apparently no end in sight for video leak culture and the latest victim is Ayesha Akram – Minar-i-Pakistan harassment incident survivor who was earlier facing life threats.

The leaked Video of TikToker Ayesha Akram is all over the internet with netizens and activists shaming the culprits, and requesting people to stop dissemination of the alleged private clip.

The viral video shows TikToker Ayesha Akram on a video call, flashing herself for the other person, and again the person on the other side recorded the screen and leaked the explicit video online.

As of now, the veracity of the viral clip is yet to be confirmed independently but it has already been shared widely.

The video triggered wide range of reactions and even recalled the urge of blatant privacy rights violations which are largely ignored.

TikToker Ayesha Akram viral video

TikToker Ayesha Akram’s private video leaked online

Ayesha Akram is a known content creator who amassed a lot of fans on TikTok, and other social sites.

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Actors, TikTokers and several public figures are often target of breach of privacy as their private videos and pictures often get leaked online.

Last week, YouTuber Aliza Sehar was all over the internet as she fell victim to the video leak scandal.