Anju Nasrullah Love Story: MP police initiate inquiry against

Anju and Nasrullah wedding and friendship details

Indian Woman Leaves Family and Marries Facebook Friend in Pakistan, Father Expresses Sorrow. Anju and Nasrullah love story and relationship details.

A Drastic Decision Shatters a Family’s Future

Anju, a married woman from India, shocks her family by traveling to Pakistan and marrying her Facebook friend Nasrullah. Her father, Gaya Prasad Thomas, expresses deep sorrow and disappointment over her actions, lamenting the impact on her husband and two children.

Anju’s Conversion to Islam and New Identity

Reports suggest that Anju converted to Islam and now goes by the name Fatima after marrying Nasrullah in Pakistan. The father remains uncertain about her conversion but emphasizes the consequences of her choices on her children.

Anju’s Family Speaks Out

Thomas declines to appeal to the Indian government to bring Anju back, stating that she made her choice and must face the consequences. Anju’s lack of communication with her father raises concerns, and he remains unsure about how she obtained her passport and visa.

Anju’s Public Display of Affection in Pakistan

A video emerges on social media showing Anju and Nasrullah enjoying tourist spots in Pakistan. Anju praises Pakistan’s beauty, showcasing her affection for her new life with her Facebook friend.

A Family Left in Turmoil

Anju’s husband, Arvind, learns about her trip to Pakistan through media reports, leaving her 13-year-old daughter and five-year-old son in a difficult situation.

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