Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What’s New in May 2023 (Bugs, Fish, and Seasonal Items)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Discover the latest updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons in May 2023, including new bugs and fish to catch, exciting events like Nature Day and May Day, and seasonal items for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere players. Read on for all the details.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have a lot to look forward to in May 2023, with new bugs, fish, and seasonal events to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know:

New Bugs (And Where To Find Them)

New Bugs (And Where To Find Them)

Northern Hemisphere

Name Location Time of Day Sell Price
Banded dragonfly Flying 8 am-5 pm 4,500
Diving beetle Freshwater 8 am-7 pm 800
Great purple emperor Flying 4 am-7 pm 3,000
Pondskater Freshwater 8 am-7 pm 130
Queen Alexandra’s birdwing Flying 8 am-4 pm 4,000
Rosalia bates beetle Tree stumps All day 3,000
Scorpion On the ground 7 pm-4 am 8,000
Violin beetle Tree stumps All day 450

Southern Hemisphere

Name Location Time of Day Sell Price
Damselfly Flying All day 500
Mole cricket Underground All day 500
Tarantula On the ground 7 pm-4 am 8,000

New Fish (And Where To Find Them)

New Fish (And Where To Find Them)

Northern Hemisphere

Name Location Time of Day Shadow Size Sell Price
Angelfish River 4 pm-9 am Small 3,000
Betta River 9 am-4 pm Small 2,500
Catfish Pond 4 pm-9 am Medium/Large 800
Frog Pond All day Small 120
Giant trevally Pier All day Large 4,500
Mahi-mahi Pier All day Large 6,000
Nibble fish River 9 am-4 pm Tiny 1,500
Rainbowfish River 9 am-4 pm Tiny 800

Southern Hemisphere

Name Location Time of Day Shadow Size Sell Price
Bitterling River All day Tiny 900
Blue marlin Pier All day Huge 10,000
Blowfish Sea 9 pm-4 am Medium/Small 5,000
Football fish Sea 4 pm-9 am Medium/Large 2,500
Tuna Pier All day Huge 7,000

New Deep-Sea Creatures


Northern Hemisphere

Name Time of Day Shadow Size Speed Sell Price
Gigas giant clam All day Huge Fast 15,000
Sea urchin All day Small Slow 1,700
Slate pencil urchin 4 pm-9 am Medium Moderate 2,000
Spotted garden eel 4 am-9 pm Small Slow 1,100
Vampire squid 4 pm-9 am Medium Fast 10,000

Southern Hemisphere

Name Time of Day Shadow Size Speed Sell Price

Dungeness crab All day Medium Moderate 1,900
Red king crab All day Large Fast 8,000
Sea cucumber All day Medium Slow 500
Sea pig 4 pm-9 am Small Fast 10,000
Snow crab All day Large Fast 6,000

New Critters in May

May marks a significant change in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with new critters to catch in both hemispheres. Northern Hemisphere players can expect to find critters that prefer the warmer weather, while Southern Hemisphere players will start to see critters that prefer the cold emerge. Keep an eye out for new bugs and fish to catch, including the new butterfly species, the Peacock Butterfly.

May Events and Seasonal Items

Nature Day, which runs from April 23rd to May 4th, celebrates all things nature-themed. Players can earn Nook Miles by completing activities and purchase shrubs, bushes, and flowers to decorate their islands from Leif’s Garden Shop.

May Events And Seasonal Items

May Day takes place from May 1st to May 7th, where players can purchase May Day

Tickets to join a special Nook Inc island tour. This takes players to an island with the May Day Maze, which can be completed for new prizes.

International Museum Day runs from May 18th to May 31st in both hemispheres. During this event, players can take part in Blathers’ Stamp Rallies at the museum, which involves exploring the different wings of the island museum to collect stamps. Rewards include a special completion stamp and exclusive plaques players can sell or use as decorations.

Southern Hemisphere players can also look forward to Mushrooming Season, which lasts the entire month of May. Players can find different mushrooms growing on their islands, which can be picked to craft special seasonal DIY recipes.

Puma and Animal Crossing: A Match Made in Gaming Heaven

Animal Crossing has become a beloved game franchise, known for its charming graphics, delightful characters, and the chance to create a world that is uniquely yours. But did you know that Animal Crossing has also become a platform for collaborations with major brands and designers? One such collaboration that has taken the Animal Crossing world by storm is the Puma x Animal Crossing shoe collection.

Puma is a globally recognized brand, known for their high-quality athletic shoes and fashion-forward designs. With the release of their collaboration with Animal Crossing, they’ve taken their brand to new heights by appealing to a whole new audience of gamers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

The Puma x Animal Crossing shoe collection features two different designs inspired by Animal Crossing’s characters and world. The first design features a colorful and playful pattern inspired by the game’s iconic fruit trees, flowers, and butterflies. The second design features a sleek black and white colorway with subtle Animal Crossing accents, perfect for those who prefer a more understated look.

But why are these shoes such a hit with Animal Crossing fans?

For one, the shoes provide a tangible connection to the game, allowing players to showcase their love for Animal Crossing even when they’re not playing. But beyond that, the shoes are also a reflection of the joy and creativity that Animal Crossing embodies. With their bright colors and whimsical designs, the shoes capture the essence of the game and the sense of wonder it inspires.

The Puma x Animal Crossing shoe collection has also sparked a new trend within the Animal Crossing community. Many players have taken to customizing their in-game avatars to match their Puma x Animal Crossing shoes, creating a fun and unique way to express their personal style.

Overall, the collaboration between Puma and Animal Crossing is a perfect match. Both brands are known for their commitment to quality and innovation, and the resulting shoe collection is a testament to that. Whether you’re a die-hard Animal Crossing fan or simply appreciate good design, the Puma x Animal Crossing shoes are a must-have for any fashion-forward gamer.


Even though Nintendo has ended official updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are still plenty of new things to do and discover in the game. May is a particularly lively month for new critters and events, so make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities to decorate your island and catch new bugs and fish.