30 Plus Size Models Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

Discover how 30 plus size models are Reshaping the fashion landscape, Challenging stereotypes, and promoting inclusivity. 

30 Plus Size Models

  1. Denise Bidot:

    • The first plus-size model to walk multiple runway shows during the 2014 New York Fashion Week. She collaborated with Swimsuits for all on the “Beach Body. Not Sorry” campaign, advocating for untouched and unaltered photos.
  2. Jada Sezer:

    • Declined an offer to star in Love Island due to concerns about reinforcing body positivity. She questioned if her presence would solely focus on her body.
  3. Ashley Graham:

    • Renowned for advocating body positivity. Graham prefers the term “curvy” and made history as the first plus-sized model on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.
  4. Jessica Vander Leahy:

    • Australian model and writer challenging the stereotype that plus-sized means unfit. She contributes to various publications and emphasizes the importance of staying active.
  5. Vanessa Romo:

    • Transitioned into modeling to represent body and ethnic diversity, aiming to empower Chicanas. Romo challenges industry norms despite personal insecurities.
  6. Iskra Lawrence:

    • Overcame bullying to become a successful British plus-size model and fitness advocate. Praised for promoting unedited photos and walking for major fashion brands.
  7. Jocelyn Corona:

    • Mexican model advocating for increased diversity in the industry. Despite improvements, Corona stresses the need for more designers to cast plus-size models.
  8. Saffi Karina:

    • Founded Curve Project London to empower young women in plus-size modeling. Karina transitioned from straight-size modeling to embrace her curvier figure.
  9. Jennie Runk:

    • Gained recognition for her role in H&M’s swimwear campaign, advocating for inclusivity. Runk challenges industry standards and promotes body acceptance.
  10. Tara Lynn:

    • Started her career in a V Magazine editorial, highlighting the acceptance of bigger bodies in the industry. Lynn advocates for diverse representation in fashion.
  11. Candice Huffine:

    • Participated in Fashion Week and emphasized the increasing openness to curve models in the industry. Huffine advocates for inclusivity and diversity.
  12. Fluvia Lacerda:

    • Recognized as a leading advocate for plus-size representation. Lacerda embraces her curvy figure and promotes body positivity.
  13. Tabria Majors:

    • Selected for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, advocating for body inclusivity. Majors emphasizes the importance of diverse representation in fashion.
  14. Brysha Danika:

    • Overcame personal struggles through plus-size modeling, promoting self-acceptance. Danika highlights the positive impact of embracing diverse body types.
  15. Yolanda:

    • Founded Canadian Curvies initiative to promote body positivity and self-love. Yolanda emphasizes the importance of representation and diversity.

30 Plus Size Models Revolutionizing The Fashion Industry

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